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Saudi German Hospitals Group is the largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa. SGH is the operating name owned by MEAHCO, KSA. SGH Group started in 1988, where it was owned solely by the Batterjee family that had a unique...
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elizabeth lasagna Aug 1, 2016
The Emergency Department has been very efficient in managing the symptoms of my husband pneumonia through out a quick x Ray with a portable unit and a blood work showing elevated white cell count.
The transfer to a special care unit has allowed a complete monitoring of him for two days where other health issues were well taken care of, the work of the highly trained nurses and doctors has created an atmosphere of trust and kindness which has continued in the normal ward for some more days till the normalization of the conditions.
We were given follow up medications and out patient appointments to the concerned specialists.
A big thanks to all staff doctors nurses and catering and house keeping personnel that have helped with a blend of Asian kindness and Middle Eastern hospitality and enthusiasm. A patient centered approach where family is given and allowed to bring maximum comfort to the over all well being of their loved ones in pain.
Елена Алпеева Aug 1, 2016
I think this is the best Emergency department in Dubai. I was there with my son more then 20 times. Nice surgeon sewed up my son's cut up chin with no tears! He was so professional!
The pediatric department has a lot of nice specialists who ready to help you even at 3 a.m.
mahmoud kazamel (Google Review) Mar 19, 2017
Professional doctor. Experienced reception and nursing staff. Recommend it
Fara Ghazali (Google Review) Mar 19, 2017
Excellent service
osaid matthias (Google Review) Mar 19, 2017

تم اخضاع ابنتي ذي ال سبع سنوات لعملية جراحية بتخدير كامل
لأجل اخراج قطعة بلاستيكية بحجم حبة حُمُّص من ظاهر بطن القدم !!!
Hemant Kumar (Google Review) Mar 19, 2017
Avoid this hospital at all cost. All they care about is how much money they can squeeze out of you. This is not based on one-off experience. I have visited them at least dozen times over the last 3-4 months and every visit has reinforced my perception that they are just after my money. My daughter fell sick and was admitted to the emergency. Doctor did the blood test and in next 5 hours doctor told us that there could possibly be a chance of viral infection but she wasn't sure. She told us to come back in 2 days time if symptoms worsened. My daughter felt better without medication but 1 week later my daughter fell sick again and we rushed her to the emergency one more time.

This time it was a different doctor and as usual she asked for x-ray and other customary tests. After that she told us that it was just a viral infection and that she would not give any antibiotics. 3 days later when her fever didn't go away, we took her to a different doctor. This doctor looked at her blood test from the first visit and wondered why doctor didn't prescribe any medication as her report was really bad. Then immediately he advised us to admit our daughter and said it would take 3 days where she will receive intra-veinous antibiotics. He also talked about doing x-ray but when we reminded that x-ray is already done and it's in the system he backed off.

Long story short we didn't admit our daughter and decided to take her to different hospital where doctors said she would be fine with oral antibiotics.

We have decided never to visit this hospital again. My wife had similar experience with gynecologist who was more interested in the details of our insurance plan than her health problem. She has stopped visiting the hospital.

Sorry for the long review but only thing I like about this hospital is that they take feedback seriously. So I hope someone there will read this and think seriously about fixing this issue.
Abella Bezit (Google Review) Mar 5, 2017
This place is an absolute money making and they do not care at all about the patients just the amount of money they can get out of your golden insurance. My husband went there as his rib/muscle was hurting. Before listening they immediately requested him to do a blood test, XRay, put him on IV, but the cherry on the cake was the CT! A CT is not used for the symptoms he had if only the doctor had been listening instead of focusing on the score he was able to stricke. A CT is done when we suspect a big internal injury or a cancer and is used when a doctor has no other choice or is incompetent to put a diagnosis, i let you think about what option it was. Also a CT, part of being one of the most expensive test done, it delivers 500 times more radiations than a classic Xray and put the patient at a higher risk of potential cancer. The CT has been done all over his organs!
To wrap up this miserable experience which is absolute breach of Hippocrate Sermon, we received the tests with no follow-up at all and had to chase the doctor who made the CT through people over the phone hardlz speaking english. The °German° Mention is just a marketing tool as until now we never ever met anz german doctor.
We do not want an appologize written on this review, we just hope that this hospital will be avoided and that no patient will have this absolute rip off experience.
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