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AZHD has been designed and developed to provide premium medical care and comfort with modern equipment and a team of professional doctors. Al Zahra Private Hospital Dubai (AZHD) is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Barsha and is commissioned to operate in compliance...
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Sam Bou sa Dec 1, 2016

After 10 years in Dubai and struggling for a hospital that cares about patients more than their insurance cards. I found this hospital is the one I trust. Their choice of doctors is very efficient. Experienced and ethical doctors. ER, Gastronomy and orthopedic departments out of my 5 times I went to AL Zahra hospital in AL Barsha I received 4 out 5 good treatment.
James Day Dec 10, 2016
Please do pass on my appreciation to everyone in the combined teams for yesterday. The concern, support and compassion was notably exceptional at all levels of care.
Chris Walker (Google Review) Mar 19, 2017
I have had good experience here over two years, including ED visits, hospitalizations, an abdominal surgery, and multiple outpatient visits in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Audiology, Urology, and Dermatology. Medical and nursing staff have been very good to excellent, and the facility is clean and modern.
Jan 1, 1970
Rami Salamé (Google Review) Mar 19, 2017
Went to ER because it was Friday and we needed a pediatrician. They took a sample from my toddler to test for bacteria and didn't get back to us with results until we called a week later. Meanwhile we went to another doctor.

Edit: The same has happened again with my pregnant wife's bloodwork. Needless to day, it was a critical blood test for the fetus, so it's only normal that we would be awaiting the results restlessly. No one called us to give us the results, 10 days passed and we called every day and no one responded.

In the end, it turns out they took the blood samples and never ended up doing the blood tests. They pocketed the money and "lost the blood samples". Is this really a certified hospital?

If I could score them zero stars I would.
Sarah Abdul Baset (Google Review) Mar 5, 2017
The worst hospital ever...filled with incompetent one follows up on your scans and lab results
Just delivered there couple of days epidural went bad all the way and still having back pain...they lost my doctor's prescription (my doctor was from another hospital thanx God) I had to ask for pain killers every two hours...i had to call the nurse every time to remind her of my medication...after 14 hours in labor none of my doctor's instructions were followed..I had to contact my doctor every now and then because no one from the hospital cared how I was doing...nurses were too busy and doctors were too one helped me after delivery in any way... They gave the baby a bath immediately after her vaccination which was on the last hour before I get discharged
I felt like staying in a bad hotel room with really bad service...
No medical care was provided...very bad service...A WORD TO THE WISE; don't let them ruin your experience if you are pregnant and never trust their medical services, They can't take care of you...admin people would come and talk to you after you get discharged...shame on you to be calling this a medical facility
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